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JPRA Seal Description


The blue background, symbolizing sky and space, exemplify the limitless boundaries of DoD recovery operations worldwide.


The red and white border connotes the personal sacrifices of past warriors who have suffered physical and mental anguish in their loss of freedom, and even life, in defense of the country’s ideals and the valor with which all services carry out their personnel recovery mission.


The stars denote the six articles of the Code of Conduct, which stand as guiding lights to help the US warriors navigate the dangerous territories of survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) toward ultimate recovery.


The eagle and wreath are adapted from the seal of the Department of Defense and symbolize the commitment of Department of Defense forces to protect isolated personnel and the swiftness of response.


The laurel (left side of the wreath) represents honors received in combat and the olive branch (right side of the wreath) represents defending peace.


The broken chain depicts the mental and physical oppression that the Code of Conduct, personnel recovery training and DoD recovery forces serve to defeat.


The Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) is a Chairman's Controlled Activity. JPRA is designated as DoD's office of primary responsibility for DoD-wide personnel recovery matters, less policy. JPRA is headquartered in Fort Belvoir, Virginia with schools located in Fredericksburg, VA and Spokane, WA.
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