Line of Effort 1: Lead – The DoD Personnel Recovery Enterprise

     Objective 1.1: Build an interoperable DoD PR enterprise capable of unified action.

     Objective 1.2: Enhance the ability of the whole USG to prevent, prepare for, and respond to isolating events.

     Objective 1.3: Guide development of a global personnel recovery enterprise that has the capability, capacity, and commitment to recover isolated personnel.

Line of Effort 2: Prepare – The Force

     Objective 2.1: Develop commanders and staff capable of responding to an isolating event in all domains across the conflict continuum.

     Objective 2.2: Prepare individuals identified as high-risk with the special skills necessary to successfully return from isolation.

     Objective 2.3: Improve the likelihood of successful personnel recovery events in all domains and across the competition continuum through the development of interoperable PR technologies and products, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

     Objective 2.4: Shape the understanding of the current and emerging threats for PR-related topics among DoD and USG.


Line of Effort 3: Respond – To Need

     Objective 3.1: Quickly and effectively respond to ad hoc requests for products.

     Objective 3.2: Provide subject matter expertise to the combatant commands and other PR stakeholders.


Line of Effort 4: Adapt – To the Threat and Environment

     Objective 4.1: Support adaptation of PR across the DoD for current and future threats in all domains and across the competition continuum.

     Objective 4.2: Develop a culture in the DoD PR enterprise that prioritizes information collection and sharing.


Line of Effort 5: Synchronize – Internal Actions

     Objective 5.1: Create an agile organization able to carry out the range of assigned responsibilities and anticipated future requirements.