Operational Support

JPRA provides operational planning, mission analysis, and staff assistance visits to DoD  Components and interagency partners, as appropriate to satisfy PR requirements. Additionally, we support the reintegration process and manage the non-conventional assisted recovery program, coordinating requirements, funding and reporting procedures for the program. JPRA provides representatives at each Combatant Command, as well as operational and expeditionary support personnel and teams.

Guidance and Oversight

JPRA oversees Service Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) training, and provides SERE psychology training, guidance and oversight.

JPRA develops doctrine, recommends policy, establishes PR security classification guidance and manages PR records and archives. We are an administrator for PR Joint Lessons Learned Information System.

Training and Education

JPRA trains more than 6,500 Department of Defense personnel, interagency and multinational partners annually. JPRA educates at the strategic, operational and tactical levels by providing specialized SERE training, Commander and staff PR operations and planning education, and exercise control and PR observer/training support to Joint and Coalition Warfighting Combatant Command Exercises, and mission rehearsal exercises.


JPRA produces timely and focused assessments that identify current and future challenges to support the evaluation, development, and validation of PR capabilities and processes.

Technology Integration

JPRA develops Joint PR technologies, experiments, and tactics, ensuring technology interoperability among all of the Services.