The Personnel Recovery Academy (PRA) provides specialized Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) training and subject matter expertise for the Department of Defense, including related training in the U.S. Government and NATO allies, to enable isolated persons to return with honor.

Specialized SERE training meets Department of Defense or Interagency requirements not provided by Service or Combatant Command programs. It does this by providing unique SERE knowledge and skills to select high-risk-of-isolation personnel, whose mission profiles, positions, or operating environments make their exploitation highly valuable to an adversary. PRA courses are highly customized and tailored to specific customer requirements and missions.

PRA has a long history of support to the personnel recovery mission. From its Cold War origins in 1961 at Stead Air Force Base, Nevada, following the shoot down of Francis Gary Powers’ U-2 aircraft over the Soviet Union, the Academy has expanded its programs to meet today's emerging threat to our Armed Forces.



The Personnel Recovery Education and Training Center (PRETC) mission is to provide operational Personnel Recovery (PR) expertise through education, training, and exercises enabling the DOD, multinational, and Interagency partners to prevent, prepare for, and respond to isolating events.

An educated and trained PR enterprise informs and mitigates mission and command risk resulting in success across our U.S. strategies.  The PRETC cadre exists to ensure success within PR Coordination, Synchronization, and A/O Planning Missions.

One of PRETC's essential tasks is the support of joint and joint-accredited exercises, supporting commands and staff at the operational to strategic levels.   Exercise support is frequently conducted as JS/J7 partners in the Chairman's Exercise Program and Joint National Training Center events.


  For more information, access JPRA's CAC-enabled portal here:
 Joint Personnel Recovery Agency IntelShare Portal